Past Events

Emily Suzanne Shapiro


A Menagerie of Sound
December 11 @ 7pm
Improv Workshop 
December 12 @ 6pm

In her own words:

"Genre-flexible musician loosely focussed on contemporary classical music and free improvisation.  Lover of many folk and world music traditions.  Composer. Queer, feminist.  Lover of animals, nature, moving around, good food and good friends. Improviser, composer, searcher, teacher, small activist, creator.  I like to think my job in this world is to make it better with art, music specifically, by bringing it to people who would benefit from it, make more of it."

    - Women of Noise, "In conversation with Emily Shapiro"

Uplift at the GCNC


Aug 26th & Sept 10th

An outdoor in-person and livestreamed concert featuring works by Jenni Brandon, Erin Goad, Sylvia Glickman, Mary D Watkins, Emily Suzanne Shapiro, Jeff Scott, and Alexandre Tansman

We acknowledge the support of the Canada Council for the Arts.

Photosynthesis: a livestream


July 23 @ 7:30pm ET

The Untitled Ensemble presents an evening of music teaming with life to celebrate summer, clear skies, and determined optimism!


  • Were free or by donation through eventbrite and paypal
  • Some people were hesitant to use paypal
  • Eventbrite made people 'register' to view

See the info page for more details on the different ticket types and how register to view the livestream!

Works by: Elizabeth Raum, Lauren Bernofsky, Lili Boulanger, Alexis Hählen and more!

Untitled Ensemble's  Online Chamber Music Session 

  • Feb 26, 2022 7pm ET
  • April 16, 2021 6pm
  • May 14, 2021 7pm

A sometimes-monthly chamber music reading session for all levels hosted on the Untitled Ensemble's JackTrip Server. RSVP on the individual facebook events through our Facebook. page, or contact us to sign up. We now have increased capacity of up to 40 musicians!

This event will be hosted using the free jacktrip software and a dedicated server based in the Toronto Ontario area. For more information on how to use jacktrip, or how to connect to our server on the day click on the "MORE INFO" button to the right.

ACMP Online Chamber Music Play In


March 20th 5:30PM ET

Our first online chamber music reading session, as part of ACMP's Online Chamber Music Play-in. 7 musicians from the US and Canada used Jacktrip software to connect and play chamber music together!

Comic Carnage


View it on YouTube!

by Chris Sivak

Our first recording completed during the summer of 2020, with most of the recordings done in isolation to a click track or outside in Elizabeth Brown's garden.

featuring: Jaye Marsh, Carlos Vasquez, Elizabeth Brown, and Emma Vachon

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