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Land of Lakes Showcase: Ontario's Musical Gems - Brass!

The second of our emerging composers concerts featuring works for brass ensembles.

  • DATE: February 10, 2024
  • TIME: 7:30 pm
  • VENUE: Array Space: 155 Walnut Ave. Toronto, ON, Canada M6J 3W3
  • Tickets online or at the door:
    • Online $30 + small eventbrite fee
    • In person $30

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Who we are

We are Untitled Ensemble

The Untitled Ensemble Chamber Music Society (Untitled Ensemble or UE for short) is a chamber music project based in Toronto/Tkaronto, Ontario that strives to explore lesser known historical and current chamber music with an emphasis on works by women and non-binary people.

This project also strives to create new and fluid groups of musicians to match the repertoire of each show, creating a meeting place and a resource for musicians who want to play chamber music, but do not have an established ensemble.

Our goal is to foster collaboration and create new ensembles who may or may not continue to exist beyond their beginnings within the Untitled Ensemble while using our multi-instrumental nature to perform a wider range of repertoire than we would be able to otherwise!

If you are a fan of chamber music and want to suggest your favourite underplayed composer or piece, or want to be on our mailing list, let us know!



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