Informal auditions

The Untitled Ensemble Chamber Music Society is a freelancers chamber music organization. While we welcome existing chamber groups, we primarily create new (and sometimes odd) groupings of chamber instruments to meet the artistic needs of a given project.

We welcome new members who are interested in being involved in performing western classical chamber music by historically marginalized composer groups. Please contact us to see if we have an upcoming show you can be a part of, or if you'd like to just attend a rehearsal as an informal audition.

Sometimes we will use existing members for our performances, and sometimes we will audition new members for specific projects. When we do project auditions, current members are encouraged to audition if they're interested in the project!

Project based auditions

From time to time we do projects where we'll ask players to audition to join us. Current and prospective musicians can audition, and we use these projects to increase our range of instrumentation!

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