Comic Carnage 

Premieres of each movement will occur Wednesdays starting November 25th on our YouTube

This piece was originally titled "Loonie Tunes" and composed for our Artistic Director Elizabeth's former ensemble OperaFeHk.

The composer, Chris Sivak, asked each of the members of the ensemble who their favourite cartoon character was, and then went about fiendishly murdering them in each movement. Written for flute, oboe, clarinet and viola, this more than slightly dark piece is surprisingly fun, and will feature the excellent shadow puppetry of Megalodipticus.

  • Watch the Trailer here
  • Watch the Pre-concert talk here

Comic Carnage

  1. Klucky in a bag in the back of a truck
  2. Elmer Fudd massacre at the bunny family picnic
  3. Tink drinks the water and quickly regrets it
  4. Eeyore's final descent
  5. The little engine that just fucking could not

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