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Want to volunteer with the Untitled Ensemble? We have lots of ways to get involved, depending on what your interests are. Some possible examples are:

  • Assisting with researching repertoire for chamber instrumentation
  • Working on Concert theme proposals, including repertoire selection suggestions and collaborations
  • designing or assisting with the design of concert programs, posters and other promotional materials
  • Helping set up before concerts/livestreams
  • Music collection & erasing pencil marks etc. after shows
  • Front ticket desk/Usher
  • Other? We're open to suggestions!


We are currently looking for the following volunteer positions. If you don't see something for you below, feel free to fill out the "Want to volunteer?" form at the end of this page so we can find a great place for you to contribute!

  • Ushers - Take tickets, hand out programs, talk to guests, enjoy the concert!
  • Set up/tear down crew - help set up chairs, stands, make sure musicians are comfortable, enjoy the concert!
  • Social media posters - take pictures at rehearsals, post to instagram or make images for others to post to instagram/facebook etc., get to experience the rehearsal process!

Want to volunteer?

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We would love to work with other chamber groups, visual artists, dancers, you name it! Send our Artistic Director an email to talk about possibilities!

Join us!

The Untitled Ensemble is, in many ways, a freelancer's chamber music group. We have a large group of members already, but not every show will feature all members. The idea is that by having a pool of chamber musicians who get to know each other very well, it will be possible to play almost any chamber music. This flexibility will help us delve deeper into the unusual and forgotten repertoire that we want to showcase!

We are made up of professional freelancers, most of whom draw their income from multiple places - teaching, playing, day jobs, etc. and as such, are understanding when it comes to time commitments. Members will always have the option to opt in or out of our projects, and there is no penalty for not being able to contribute.

If you would like to join us, please contact  our Artistic Director, Elizabeth Brown to arrange for an informal audition. We will invite you into a rehearsal or two to hear you play and let you get a feeling for who we are and what we're playing at the moment. Don't worry, we'll give you the music ahead of time :) unless you want to really wow us with your incredible sight reading skills. The members present will discuss & vote after the rehearsals and Elizabeth will send you an email to let you know the decision.

We are LGBTIQ2S+ friendly and believe strongly in being anti-racist and inclusive of people with disabilities. Please let us know if you need accommodation or if you have preferred pronouns .


The Untitled Ensemble cannot currently provide charitable donation receipts, but we very much appreciate your donations! If you would like to sponsor a series/YouTube video/Livestream or other event we would love to include your or your company's name in our materials. Please get in touch with us!

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