About US

The Untitled ensemble is not a Hipster Band.

Wait let's try that again.

We strive to find the hidden gems, the pieces that have fallen through the cracks of history like so much glimmering sand. Holding up the microscope, we examine the quartz, feldspar and mica, searching for traces of shell, a bit of magnetite...something we haven't heard before, a different colour, a different shape and cadence. You might find our sounds alarming, but take the time to let them saturate your ear before discarding them.

Who are we? We are many and few, a large group, a compressible, expandable, small ensemble; we strive to reach the proportions of an orchestra without ever filling more than 9 seats. A collective, an incubator, a sprouting ground for research with designs on becoming a resource to others. We are united, we are discrete, we are the Untitled Ensemble.

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