Past Events

Photosynthesis: a livestream

July 23 @ 7:30pm ET

The Untitled Ensemble presents an evening of music teaming with life to celebrate summer, clear skies, and determined optimism!


  • Were free or by donation through eventbrite and paypal
  • Some people were hesitant to use paypal
  • Eventbrite made people 'register' to view

See the info page for more details on the different ticket types and how register to view the livestream!

Works by: Elizabeth Raum, Lauren Bernofsky, Lili Boulanger, Alexis Hählen and more!

ACMP Online Chamber Music Play In

March 20th 5:30PM ET

Our first online chamber music reading session, as part of ACMP's Online Chamber Music Play-in. 7 musicians from the US and Canada used Jacktrip software to connect and play chamber music together!

Comic Carnage  

View it on YouTube!

by Chris Sivak

Our first recording completed during the summer of 2020, with most of the recordings done in isolation to a click track or outside in Elizabeth Brown's garden.

featuring: Jaye Marsh, Carlos Vasquez, Elizabeth Brown, and Emma Vachon

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