Online Chamber Music Sessions

We host a sometimes-monthly free chamber music reading session online. Up to 40(!) musicians or a mix of musicians and listeners may connect to play music using Untitled Ensemble's low latency JackTrip server.

Currently Scheduled sessions:

  • TBD - likely late May or early June


  • Music that we have ready to play can be found here
  • Music can be added to the folder linked above by submitting your pdf files here (Please only upload music in the public domain, or if you have the composer/publisher's express permission to do so)
  • If you are using Jacktrip's Virtual Studio already, the server name will be Untitled Ensemble's Toronto Server
  • If you are using jacktrip on your computer or other device, the IP address for the server is: TBD
  • Buffer Size (Frames per Period) must be set to 64 (called Samples on the device page in the jacktrip studio)
  • Sample rate: 2Mpbs, 48KHz

Need some help getting started with Jacktrip? Below are some helpful links, or feel free contact us for assistance.

Rough Schedule will be posted the week of the event. This becomes quite important if there are more than 10 people :)

Past Sessions:

  • April 16, 2021; 6pm - 8pm EDT  - players from Uruguay, USA and Canada!

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