We will keep this section updated with our performed repertoire & links to scores or sources for rental/purchase where appropriate. We hope you liked the music enough to want to play it too!

Mock Turtle Soup by Alexis Hählen for oboe, clarinet and viola

  • Contact Alexis Hählen directly for performance materials here
  • Programme notes here
  • Trailer coming soon

Comic Carnage by Chris Sivak for flute, oboe, Bb Clarinet and viola

Utter Zoo by Emily Suzanne Shapiro for oboe/english horn and Clarinet/Bass Clarinet

Written by our own Emily S Shapiro, this extremely quirky piece is comprised of short movements based on Edward Gorey's Utter Zoo Alphabet. Most recently performed digitally for the Scarborough Philharmonic Orchestra's 2020 season, this work grows by a letter or two every time we play it.

Contact Emily directly for parts and performance notes: 

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