Aidan Zhou - Composition

Aidan Zhou, born in Toronto in October 2012, began his music studies at the age of 4. He is a student of Larisa and Vladimir Niurenberg for piano performance, a student of Elizabeth Raum for composition, and a student of Kaye Royer for clarinet performance.

Being a young composer, Aidan has so far completed compositions in various forms including Canon, Rondo, Sonata, Variations, Trio, String Quartet and Brass Quintet.

Aidan has his own YouTube channel to share his performance and his music with others. Aidan’s favourite classical music is music in the Classical and the Romantic eras. He also enjoys Bach’s works in particular for the Baroque devices such as imitation and inversion.

Aidan has won many awards in international and local piano competitions including 1st place of 25th Santa Cecilia International Competition (Porto) in his age group; 1st prize of Canadian Music Competition in the 9-year-old category; Winner (Debut) of Vladimir Krainev Moscow International Piano Competition; 1st prize in Nouvelles Étoiles Online Music Competition; Gold prize in Steinway Canada Young Artist Virtual Piano Competition; 1st prize of a group of categories in Unionville Music Competition in Canada; and Gold Prize in Music and Stars Awards. In April 2023,

Aidan had his first showcase with the Odin Quartet. Aidan’s favourite subjects are science and history. Aidan is a member of a chess club and plays various sports including hockey, soccer, skiing, and swimming.

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